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. president obama changing that today as the castles paying a visit, world team tennis has been around 38 years. never recognized by the oval office until today. congratulations. >>> and if you're going outside to play world team tennis today, maybe you'll get it in? >> i think so. >> maybe you wouldn't. >> you would get it in. you need to stay hydrated but no worries about that. we are talking a couple of storms into southern maryland. we'll show you that in a second. right now we're going to show you chantal, a strong tropical storm. winds are 64 miles per hour. she is moving to the west/northwest at a pretty good clip, 26 miles an hour. it is to the west of the islands here and headed toward the dominican republic and also haiti. here is the official track from the national hurricane center. it goes close to the dominican republic coast and this will be wednesday about 1:00 p.m. it goes across haiti. it will encounter mountains which will weaken the storm and slow its forward speed which are good things. it goes back and furnishes to the north. goes on the east side of nassau. still a
certain he would lose. they were so terrified. >> what changed the second debate? >> this is obama getting the ball on the 3-pointer at the buzzer and he said to these people, he says i don't like the base, i am not that good at them, i will win second and third base. he said his friend patrick, and the viral video of samuel l. jackson where he shows up in a family's house and says this is c-span so maybe i'd better -- wake me up. >> with steven colbert we have already -- >> okay for c-span. so obama says to patrick, i didn't realize he was talking to me. he understood finally, it took a while but finally understood how badly he blew it and when he puts his mind to something he can be good at it. like a different person came out for the second and third debate. and that advice we go into in the first debate but as you said he didn't come to play. my wife called me, in denver for the debate. my wife called me afterwards and she said did you notice and i repeated this on chrismac use immediately, did you notice what he said at the very beginning about how this is his anniversary? i promise y
obama has recently brought climate change to the forefront of his agenda and the clean power sf program would align well with that agenda if it is successful and that means if the not to exceed rate is reasonable and there is a robust local build out of that program. we would encourage you to set the rate at the lowest level and implement a local build out as much as possible. as a resident from san francisco with solar on my rooftop with water and pd, i would suggest you do this as quickly as possible. and frankly i'm an appalled that there with be an unwillingness on your part, mr. torres, to vote on this. because clearly there are -- >> unwillingness today. >> and i'm clear that the only benefit i can see from delaying is that it gives basically pg & e another couple three weeks to attack this program. it seems to me that all of the issues on with respect to labor unions can be resolved even if you do vote on this today and i would suggest with the other that yourself reconsider that position. as a resident and voter here and a consumer here, we need to get this done as soon as possi
for the obama administration to fill. in today's cover story, a change to obamacare will give bigger businesses a bit of a break. penalties for firms of more than 50 who do not offer insurance plans to employees will go into effect in 2015, one year later than originally planned. but the move could cause more healthcare confusion. the change to its signature healthcare law shows the obama administration's willingness to listen to business concerns. "especially for the 50-and- above class, there is relief that it has been postponed. it gives them more time to communicate with employees and what is required of them by law." but the change can be a bit confusing. so-called obamacare still requires employers of more than 50 workers to offer coverage to employees working more than 30 hours a week. the companies just won't face the threat of penalty fees. "that mandate is still in place, but if a firm doesn't comply with the law, there will be no penalty." for employers, this delay underscores the uncertainty around the details of obamacare. butch zemar consults with business owners on their health i
is. washington can change people like that and the idea is that it has changed the obamas. >> when i am president, i will start by closing the revolving door in the white house that's allowed people to use their administration job as a stepping stone to further their lobbying careers. >> yet, five years later, the revolving door has spun like a gyroscope. dana millbank wrote left the administration for k street jobs without anyone so much as pointing out that they were defying a central tenant of the obama political enterprise. if there is a central idea to this book, it is that obama changed as somebody who is going to change washington and instead washington changed him. we've seen the story before and seen it in state capitals all the time. i can't tell you how many governors i've seen going to change albany, sacramento. i'm trying to build it up. >> this may be a new story and you can apply it to obama but you look at novels about washington, i happen to have written one, this is actually a theme in all of them. the people that go there with ideals, sometimes not with ideals and
? more delays and big changes for obama care. we know the employer mandate has to wait for a year. now comes the liar subsidies meaning no income applications for income applicants just like the housing bubble, remember? by the way, don't forget the small business insurance exchange was killed last month. folks, the individual mandate is next. how about the stock market? that's better ne
. these are not groups represented in washington. the reason the obama administration changed the rules about the employer mandate, small business complained. so right now, the sequester has been so spread out as ryan talked about. they're really wide but they're so wide that there is not one politically active group fighting they will. that's where the tipping point needs to come from will. >> i want to get your reaction, at some point it seems like in these communities, since we've got congressional races coming up. in 2014 this could become an issue if people choose to make it an issue. >> the problem with the way the districts and the congress is set up, house republicans, someone in their district does care about. there are military cuts that affect them. they're always worried about in the primary, do i want to talk about government cuts or how much more we can cut the government. that's the challenge. can you feigned specific members of congress who feel affected enough to where they change their views. >> you know, ryan, to that point as well, it seems like the message here is also th
in the 2012 election and a lot of people understandably feel the irs has blunted the obama ground game and may have changed the result. the longer they wait, the longer they delay the scandal grows. >> the fact is the fbi director seemed unprepared to even answer questions about this when he was questioned about it long of a it became public. let's pay a slot for those who have forgotten about fbi director muller answering what he was doing about this problem. >> tell me who the lead investigator is? >> off the top of my head no. >> this is the most important issue and y is heading the case, who the lead investigator is? >> at this juncture, no. >> can you get that information to us? how many people have you assigned to look into this situation. >> i have not had a recent briefing on it. >> the irs was used as a political tool to neutralize a political movement that had an affect on the 2010 election right before the president's re-election. isn't that worth all of the attention the fbi director has? >> everybody is assuming that there is some evil genius at the irs plotting against conservati
obama's change has in his unwillingness to described as a war on terror. because i think it sends the wrong signals to our bureaucracy and i think sends the wrong signals to our enemies but i think they perceive it as a sign of weakness. and almost a rationale the that you would not describe us as being at war with terrorists when they are at war with us spent i want to shift topics. we've seen in the last few weeks, we've a plane crash in san francisco which is right in my district, and you saw social media was the first on the ground to respond before first responders, before traditional media. we saw in the boston bombings that was the fbi working in collecting information from social media and using them to engage a new audience to try and learn more about these bombers that help of their investigation and try to ask you to go back in time, what role do you think social media would have played had it been around on second 11th? and what role do you hope to see a play, or what role do you see it playing as we address the terrorist threat going toward? >> social media has expand
obama said on climate change recently and coal state and talk about coal and climate and the kentucky 2014 race after this. >>> the kentucky senate race next year may be the best political test with the president's recent announcement on epa and regulating carbon emissions. let's listen to what the president had to say. he set this up. >> convince those in power to reduce our carbon pollution. push your own communities to adopt smarter practices. invest, divest, remind folks there is no contradiction between a sound environment and strong economic growth and remind everyone who represents you at every level of government that sheltering future generations against the ravages of climate change is a prerequisite for your vote. make yourself heard on this issue. >> that's how president obama frames with what he's doing regulate carbon from new and existing plants. this is how it's filtered through mitch mcconnell. this is what you'll hear from him and the next year and a half. >> creates a depression in central appalachia that is west virginia and eastern kentucky and also since we have
objection to president obama's change has been his unwillingness to describe it as a war on terror. i think it sends the wrong signals o our bureaucracy and wrong signals to our enemies. i think they perceive that as a sign of weakness and almost irrationality that you would not describe us as being at paragraph with terrorists when they are at war with us. >> i want to shift topics. we have seen in the last few weeks a plane crash in san francisco, right near my district, we saw social media with the first on the ground to respond. before first responders. we saw in the boston bombings that was -- the f.b.i. working and collecting information from social media and using it and engaging a new audience to try to learn more about the bombers that helped their investigation. and ask you to go back in time. what role do you think social media would have played had it been around on september 11? what role do you hope to see it play or see it playing as we direct the terrorist threat going forward? >> social media has expanded exponentially since september 11. that's probably a hypothetical ques
dead? more delays and big changes for obama care. we know the employer mandate has to wait for a year. now comes the liar subsidies meaning no income applications for income applicants just like the housing bubble, remember? by the way, don't forget the small business insurance exchange was killed last month. folks, the individual mandate is next. how about the stock market? that's better news. major index was almost back to the highs before ben bernanke and his de facto tightening. here's a question for investors, is it possible that junk and bond rates has already anticipated the end of fed bond buying? and finally, has america become a part-time economy? is every new job temporary? friday's job report stronger than you think? all of those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. >>> we begin tonight with another setback for obama care. the department of health and human services says it will not even try to verify eligibility for insurance subsidies. does that make them like the housing bubble's liar loans? remember that? last week we learned the
that's made a decision to resort to force feeding of detainees at guantanamo, and if president obama is extremely unhappy at that state of affairs, he can certainly change it. >> in terms of the controversy surrounding this issue, obviously the judge is moved by the prisoners' pleas that this is something that is both demeaning and cruel. is there legal clarity on the issue of whether or not this is the appropriate policy, whether or not this is something doctors legally can do and this is something prisons ought to do? >> no, there isn't. there's a substantial difference of opinion, and i'm not entirely unsympathetic to the physicians at guantanamo bay who i think are in a difficult situation. i mean, i think one perspective is, look, we have an ethical duty to prevent these detainees from harming themselves. that they may be detained for a long time, maybe indefinitely, maybe not. we'll see in the future. but death is irreversible and we have an ethical duty to keep them safe even if that means force feeding them. on the other hand, you know, there's obviously a very compelling arg
-- "new york times" op et contributor, we'll post it online. >>> as part of his rollout on climate change, president obama touted natural gas as he trin significanced fueled warning drilling is not the solution. perhaps nowhere is that qualifier more relevant than in the debate over fracking. we'll weigh pros and cons of america's gas land next. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product. [ john ] nope. [ tires squeal ] twelve bucks a night! no. they have waterbeds. ew. no! are we near a gas station? [ phone beeps] [ phone ] no. is that from the mini bar? [ both ] no. is that a cop? no. [ cop ] do you know how fast you were going? no. eighty-seven [ groans ] he's right. is that oscar mayer? [ karen] yes! [ male announcer ] in a world filled with "no", it's nice to finally say "yes". oscar mayer selects deli meat, no artificial preservatives and gluten free. it's yes food. it's oscar mayer. it's yes food. resoft would be great, but we really just need "kid-proof." softsprings got both, let me show you. right over here. here, feel this. wow
something on he wants to change, he'll change it, just like obama care. old orchard beach, maine. o'reilly, are you convicting the boston bomber much like the media convicted george zimmerman. let the facts come out first. are you rip van winkle, norm? the facts are out. many witnesses, including all of us who watched on national tv know it. get a grip. >>> greenville, tennessee. retired defense attorney, i was surprised that your legal commentators missed a big one. the reason the judge asked george zimmerman directly if he would testify, is to avoid a later appeal saying that his attorneys denied his wishes. good point. >>> what do you and miller do on the live shows? >> miller opens with standup. i come out with some inside stuff i can't say on tv, we take a short break and come back and answer audience questions together. three more shows this year. friday in nashville, tennessee, saturday, october 12th, jacksonville, florida. saturday, november 15th, caesar's palace. tickets going fast. >>> alec, new zealand. i donated $25 to help the military amputees but have yet received my
news this morning. according to "the new york times," president obama is considering a faster pullout of afghanistan than originally planned. one that would leave no american troops there after 2014. this possible change, of course, comes after recent frustrations with president hamid karzai specifically regarding stalled peace talks with taliban last month. >>> pakistani report details the life of osama bin laden after the september 11th attacks and the failure of the pakistani failure community. and it even has reports of him being pulled over for speeding and let go. >>> the death toll of the train disaster in quebec has reached 14 with dozens still unaccounted for. more information is coming to light how that accident happened. the ntsb says the tankers involved have a history of puncturing after accidents. >>> a federal judge in wisconsin blocked enforcement of a new line signed by governor walker who allows doctors lacking privileges for performing abortions. the judge said it had troubling lack and set a new hearing. >>> smoke and ash shot out in mexico's volcano you see right
they thinking? >> john: on june 24th, president obama announced a plan to address climate change, pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. now, part of the president's plan involves moving away from coal and investing in natural gas which the president described as cleaner and safer. but is it? one of the main components of natural gas is, of course, methane. a heat-strapping gas and a large contributor to global warming. it is argued by scientists and activists alike that fracking causes a large amount of methane leakage which begs the question even among the president's most ardent supporters, is he really serious about the green agenda? here to discuss the potential risks and benefits and who is really getting the rewards i'm pleased to be joined by filmmaker, josh fox. he's academy award nominated feature gas land exposed the dangers of natural gas drilling and he's just released a sequel titled gasland 2. we're excited to have him with us tonight on "viewpoint." welcome to the show, josh. >> thanks so much. great to be back. >> john: great to have you back. your first feature gasl
to return the change to jobs and supreme court voting rights act and i think president obama is trying to show a road map of ways they can protect voting rights in the future for all residents of the country, but specifically african-americans who might have limited access to polling. >> but for the first time he's speaking there in two years. why has it taken him this long? why this strained relationship. >> again, they're concerned about the president's focus not being as much on african-american constituents, job employment rate is much higher among african-americans. i think -- again, the president is trying to return the focus for jobs for all americans, but i think in particular there's frustration the president is not using his office in a way that would accentuate this community. and i think that, you know, there's been up and down in this relationship. i think he's trying to sort of return the focus of, you know, core constituents to jobs and start there. >> david, we appreciate it. thank you for joining us this morning. >> sure. >>> coming up, richard lui is back with bill ka
.3 billion in u.s. aid to the egyptian military. president obama did not mention the rapidly changing situation in egypt on america's independence day when he addressed the soldiers and their families invited to the white house. even though he and his national security staff had been huddled in the situation room on july fourth, determining what the u.s. response should be to the removal and arrest of president morsi. the african union ejected egypt from its ranks following what it termed a coup. >> i would keep the aid flowing, particularly to the military, where we have the most leverage, and you know, all, all of this talk about why the administration can't call it a coup, you know, can't speak the truth, really conceals the fact that in virtually all of our foreign assistance legislation there's a presidential waiver power. >> reporter: on capitol hill lawmakers are on a week-long recess for the july fourth holid holiday which buys the administration some time. shortly after morsi's removal, democratic senator patrick leahy said congress would have to reassess aid to egypt, but re
out in this piece of legislation. >> bret: well, obama care continues to have some changes, basically regulations and rules coming from the health and human services department. the hhs. now, more than 20,000 pages of those rules defining obama care. we're back with the panel. a.b., one of those came out late friday, a holiday friday, which said that essentially 16 state-run exchanges can take people's word for it until 2015 on whether they qualify for whether they get affordable insurance from an employer or not. in other words, if they make the exchange in order to get federal subsidies. >> well, there have been some back and forth on what the hhs is going to do. it's not that we'll be completely unavailable but there is going to be unverifiable delay in verifying whether you have that option. not necessarily they will track your income but whether or not you have the option to your employer. really essentially without confusing anyone anymore. let's talk about the fact that the exchanges, which are supposed to be up and running october 1 and are not on track to do so are supposed t
. >> the idea that we're going to give big businesses a break under obama care, are we going to punish small businesses and families? wrong. we'll have another vote. count on it. >> last week's announcement does not change the individual mandate that will force average americans to buy health insurance or face fines. that will still take effect next year. >>> police say they need more information after a preliminary autopsy into the death of a missing 7-year-old boy in d.c. ko im reports. >> reporter: police now have their timeline but even with the preliminary autopsy result, they still have a lot of questions about what happened. the kings burys lived on the second floor of this apartment. mom told us the last time she saw mike cam was saturday night. >> i just want my son to come home. i miss my son. >> reporter: but his sister apparently spotted him playing in the backyard, this unfenced backyard early sunday morning. that day police patrols were set up in this very alleyway. police used canines and even academy recruits to search. it took more than a day and a half for them to find mich
? is this the case of the obama administration trying to gauge the public on this potential big change in plans? is this scoop being handed to the times by somebody in the administration who is fighting for this so-called zero option against resistance in the administration but they want to use the front page of "the times" as leverage, which is in favor of doing is this way? is the obama administration not really intending to move forward with the option at all, but maybe leaking it as a possibility for scaring the afghan government for a strategy? if that is the strategy it may be worth checking on whether or not we can all be sure that the idea of leaving troops in fashion may be more scary? everybody thought the iraqi idea was scary, too, but they were glad to see us go. we tried to scare them with that and they clapped. the times says they hold a range of views on how quickly the u.s. should leave afghanistan. so maybe it is not just one of those scenarios, it is a bunch of them mixed together. but this is a really big deal, particularly to the hundreds of thousands of american families wh
they will have to implement some changes, barack obama, he has talked a lot about becoming more statists like china about what a lot of chinese recognize is they need to become more free-market oriented so i would say, this is something i say all the time. we shouldn't listen to barack obama. [applause] >> gee you believe many first-generation chinese, the most conservative ones do not vote? >> i'm not sure. here in california we make voting easy for chinese immigrants. there are ballots that translated into chinese so even if you don't speak the language fluently you can go get yourself a chinese ballot and fill in the circles. obviously that is not the case in other states with smaller immigrant populations. i would say here in california is very easy for immigrants to vote. so many things are liable, multilingual, whether immigrants actually vote or not is a different issue. haven't seen the polls sell i am not totally sure about the voting rates within a particular immigrant population. i am sure like others in america, there are lots of people who don't vote. it wouldn't surprise me of a
and this president will never abandon the government as the agent of change. mr. obama doesn't care 700 million in waste so long as they level it out with taxes and regulations. he conveniently ignores how government really works. the general accounting office came up with that 107 billion dollar number this week and told there was no single list of government programs. some departments don't have an accurate staffing list, they don't know who is in, who is out. and who should and should not get paid. does government ever change? tell me which programs have been cut apart from white house tours? of the 15 separate food programs, which has been eliminated? nothing ever changes, really, does it? we bring you this not to get you all riled up. we're not trying to score political points, just a couple of questions. have you had enough yet? do you think maybe it's time for a change after eight years of all government all the time? [ children shouting, laughing ] [ male announcer ] this could be the summer she jumps into the deep end... ...he gets on that roller coaster... and you finally take that lo
to be -- a long day today. it's going to be a long day tomorrow. thank you. >>> coming up, changing the rules of obama care. is the obama administration giving breaks to fat cat owners instead of you? >>> big news tonight from former governor sarah palin and tv host and star elisabeth hasslebeck, you have to hear this, stay tuned. it's a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >> announcer: introducing t
but who was your partner before it was changed. dennis: apparently president obama has the authoritto decide on his own weather this counts as a military coup or not . in the obamadministration just cozy right up to the muslim brotherhood and say, these guys are more moderate. they're going to be good guys. isn't it clear that he will say this is not a military coup and i can continue to give egypt a billion and half dollars a year? >> secant. unfortunately he has been very badly advised, specifically on what happened. we will make the case wide. in january of 2011 the was a surge of civil society. it was not the muslim brotherhood. after that the muslim brotherhood came in and seized power. unfortunately, washington did not speak for those who three years later became the 22 million frustrated people. now we are caught in situation where the u.s. has been partner with the brotherhood. the majority in civil society rose against an. we need to open bridges. i firmly advise the government and administration to pressure the military. go for election, but a the same time, open up and star
president bush and president obama, i think a lot has changed to the positive and that is why this is the more unusual circumstance. twenty years ago, this would've been the usual thing that happened. largely because the fbi and sharing more now than it did before. i don't know why they didn't go to the local police not only to warn him, but you asked for their help in solving this puzzle. was it the russians who were wrong or misleading us, trying to get us involved in this problem? >> i think it is still a problem. people generally will share once they determine that something is relevant to a terrorism investigation. and that it's too late. you have to share volumes of information and it needs to go to the fbi and it generally does. but there are often confusion confusing parts about. the answer is you don't know if its counterterrorism information until you have it or until you can compare it to other information and find connections between not. i think the pressure needs to be on ensuring that people are showing core information that they collect. even if there's no indi
, president obama recently made a major speech in which he announced a new plan to tackle climate change. all three cable networks turned to the president's speech, but then they cut away from it well before it was intended to end. fox news cut away saying the remarks could be streamed online, and then they turned to a guest critical of the president. >> the planet is warming, and human activity is contributing to it. >> but that is not the full story. we're going to stream the remainder of the president's remarks live on and in the meantime, we'll be -- we're joined now with some reaction. chris horner is the senior fe athcenter for energy and environment at the competitive enterprise institute, and the author of the book, "red hot lies." >> fox's host, megyn kelly wondered aloud about whether the country even needed to tackle the problem. and cnn's wolf blitzer cut in soon after -- >> all right, so the president making a major, major address on climate change. i want to bring in jim acosta, and the president has got some important news he's about to release -- >> and then wolf c
presenting the report to president obama. among the changes reporters phone records remain off limits unless they are suspected of breaking the law and the doj can't use a warrant to investigate someone other than the reporter. holder signed off on a search warrant that identified james rosen as a co-conspirator in violation of the espionage act. >>> randy travis is resting comfortable but is in critical condition. the country star is under heavy sedation while he attempts to recover from brain surgery. the 54-year-old had a stroke wednesday night while being treated for heart failure. those are your headlines. >>> coming up here on the show as if our regulation nation isn't already out of control the president planning to add more restrictions to the tune of $to 30 billion. where is that money going? >> where is the money coming from. plus stepping down and leaving the white house homeland security janet napolitano resigning to run the california university system. who is replacing her? three big names already mentioned. we got them for you. coming up. i want to make things more secure. [ w
.c., does president obama have any respect for the law? with all the changes and the delays he's making to obama care, some are asking this important question. does he have the legal right to do it? a top constitutional scholar is calling foul on all of this and he is going to join us tonight. all those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report," beginning right now. >> first up, this evening let's talk earnings. how will the quarter shake out? cnbc's own bob fa is asani has details. >> it was a risk day, with major outperformance from transportation stocks and home building stock, material, energy, financials were strong as well. and even though a lot of people are convinced this will be another lackluster quarter for earnings growth, you know the s&p 500 is within roughly 1% of a historic high. now, my take on earnings this quarter is pretty simple. the estimates are for earnings growth of 1 to about 3%. they vary. but the final number invariably is three points higher than the initial number for start of the quarters so earnings are likely to be up 4% to 6%. that's below
in congress to change how the law defines a full-time worker. under obama care it's 30 hours a week. they say it should be 40 or business owners will be forced to cut hours and split workers between different franchises. >> i have seen them start to prepare for job sharing and job share something bad. managing around a 30-hour workweek is ridiculous. >> we will end up cutting back hours, increasing prices. $5.49 now for a full stack of pancakes and probably look at $7. >> reporter: only 3% of america's small businesses are affected by this part of obama care. the other 97% have fewer than 50 workers, but with 150 employees, george says the costs for him are steep. >> i don't believe i would be able to get away with less than $200,000 in health care costs. >> reporter: what would that mean for your profits? >> there wouldn't be profits. >> reporter: he said the health care law delayed or not has put his expansion plans on hold and layoffs are possible. >> who do you tell to go home, who do you tell not to be here. what do i tell my employees when i have to lock the front door when i can't affo
coming after president obama's speech on climate change offers up some of the dilemmas. someone mentioned the carbon path over here, what are the dynamics within not, the trade-offs, the constraints in terms of climate change and the power africa initiative. each of our speakers will talk will probably 10 minutes or so. we want to leave ample time for comments in conversation with the audience. ambassador, thank you again. >> it is a pleasure to be here this afternoon as part of this important event. it is important that is transformative. we know that this is part of the process. what has been missing is adequately priced and available electric power. this initiative is a step in changing that. i think projections that china's population will level off over the next three decades, while africa's increases. but i see his africa with a competitor -- competitor producer. this brings together but private sector interest in the market and u.s. government support in terms of risk mitigation for that investment. make no investment. investment is risky. companies are in business to make money. t
all kind of money. but under the anything goes bush s.e.c. that all changed and i think the obama administration so far has hardly done anything to roll back the damage. they value kinds of financial innovations that make the market less legitimate and less safe for you. all the changes that make the market faster and allow them to ping themselves for quick gains, they allow managers to evade the margin rules, bring double or triple etf selling power to appeal the original uptick rule that protected us from endless short selling. the s.e.c. approved or enacted these things that make the market more difficult when things get bad and will do so again when we get that quick sharp decline. if you expect them to get your back, think again. if you think the exchanges want to maintain the legitimacy of our stock markets, not so much. the exchanges are not on your side. the bias is to allow lots of fast trades that each generate a fraction of a penny in profits. in the old days the exchange and the nasdaq were nonprofit organizations that can police themselves and now they're for profit p
and gop pushes to delay on individual mandate. it should say president obama should try to change the law. cannot do it. president obama was a constitutional lawyer. he is plunking. -- flunking. host: the calller referred to it as a constitutional idea. this is what she was referring to. they wrote the history of individual mandate. what do you think? caller: there is a mandate because it is the law now. you cannot change the law. there are lots of other things if iwill start to come out have read the bill, they would seek it in there and would not have voted for it may be. i do not know. everyone supposedly will have health care. it is a disaster. right, randy. gop wants government to fail. what will they go after next? medicare, social security. keep taking your thoughts on this, but let me give you other headlines. president obama is nominee to head of the fbi testified yesterday. we cover that testimony. if you are interested, go to our website. "the new york times" says this -- that is from the papers this morning. this is about the fbi nominee. times"om "the washington -- if you mis
his promise to paralyze the obama presidency. he would have changed the filibuster rules if it was a president romney. which is probably true. >> absolutely. >> bill: as you said. >> right on. >> bill: go back to 2005, you can see exactly what they would do. senator, another issue that you've been taking the lead on is the employment nondiscrimination act or so-called enda. big vote yesterday and big victory. >> it came out of committee yesterday. a fully inclusive bill for the lgbt community. it is time we end discrimination in america and it came out on a vote that was 15-7. including the conservative senator from utah. senator hatch signed on. we had senator from alaska, murkowski. then we had my lead cosponsor mark kirk from illinois. and i think it is just an indication that folks from a variety of positions are saying that discrimination is wrong and it needs to end. >> bill: this is a high priority for the lgbt community. but for all americans i think. you're right. no reason to continue to allow employers to discriminate in the workplace. do you think that preside
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